A stress-reducing work environnment improving performance,A client-centred culture based on collobaration autonomy and well-being, Working relations based on care authenticity and mutual engagement,Sustainable growth continuity and reduced absenteeism

Why Rubedo?

Over 40 years of combined expertise in well-being at work, organisational culture and change management.

We guarantee a result-oriented strategy and a hands-on approach

A partnership aligned with your organisational culture and your company’s strategic objectives


Psycho-social well-being

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)  – 24/7 individual support for work-related and personal challenges, thus improving general well-being in the workplace.


Policy & Training

Expert strategic advice – Well-Being committee- Mediation – Individual support – Training and Coaching – Career counselling


Sustainable Work

Supporting and implementing change in the area of stress-reduction, autonomy, work organisation and leadership Read more …

The Process

  • In order to address the relevant well-being priorities in your organisation, we propose a short diagnostic to identify strengths and painpoints regarding employee engagement, well-being and absenteeism. The resulting baseline will be the starting point for further improvements.

  • On the basis of the diagnostic and subsequent workshops, a TIP (Tactical Implementation Plan) containing prioritised actions will be drawn up. A mission and vision statement on well-being and performance becomes the new framework for your company.

  • Implementation of well-being and health-related initiatives aimed at: improving the atmosphere at work, work organisation and work culture, resulting in higher employee engagement and performance, less stress and absenteeism. The impact will be compaired to the initial baseline.